How to deal with hate!

Over the last month, one of my reels went viral! Wooo… Finally… More than 4 people are seeing my content…lol. This led to an influx of love and support, but also… Some hate. Naturally 🙂

Here were a few:

  • “It’s just embarrassing when a 25+ year old acts like a teenager…”
  • “Disgusting… try being real”
  • “Did this chick make this video about herself? “Look how amazing and inspirational I am” 😂😂😂”

For women who are looking to inspire and lead in their lives, it’s only natural to get hate.


Because being a powerful leader means you will be a symbol of achievement and inspiration. For those who haven’t fulfilled their own goals, seeing you shine will make them feel bad about themselves. They will feel threatened and try to pull you down to their level. Ultimately, they will hate on you.

I have recorded a podcast episode sharing how I have dealt with the hate. This is also the same mindset that will guard you against the fear of judgement from people in your life.

Listen to the ep here

Would love to hear what you think!

~ Trang