BRB crying…

At the recent Life of Legacy retreat, a client who’d flown to Australia from Europe to attend said:

“I thought you’d be staying in a separate house to us. I have seen other mentors with lots of followers, but none of them are as warm, or real as you. You are the same in person as online, Trang, and that’s so rare”

BRB crying… 

I pride myself on my intimacy of partnership with my clients. 

I’m here for a relationship, NOT a transaction.

I mean, look at us joking around talking sh*t, while recounting our experience of Skydiving at the latest retreat!



The benefits of coaching go far beyond just the information you receive. I mean, if results were only about the information, then EVERYONE would be a millionaire given all the information anyone needs to achieve this is already readily available online!!!

Now if you’re wondering how you can have intimate and personalised coaching in Life of Legacy for your struggles, mindset obstacles, and strategy at every stage of your business, let me show you here:



As you can see, even though Life of Legacy is a group mastermind, you will still have almost the same level of close coaching as 1:1 mentoring!!! 

So imagine these two scenarios 👇

You have ALL the resources and strategies at your fingertips, but you have to navigate the relevancy of those steps and grow your business by yourself, without anyone to ask questions, encourage you when you’re feeling low, or any real-life evidence of what this journey entails…


You are given the resources and strategies only as you need them, based on where you are currently at in your business, so that what you learn is always relevant and applicable, and you constantly have support, accountability, inspiration, and love by others who are just as invested in your success as you are

Which is the real factor for success here?

It’s not too late to join Life of Legacy – See here for more information and to apply!


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Trang x