Avoid these 4 mistakes to have a successful 2024

Success leaves clues.

Over the last eight years of business working with hundreds of clients to achieve their dream results, there are consistent patterns among those who perform best as to what works and what doesn’t.

So in today’s new podcast episode, I share the 4 mistakes you need to avoid to have a successful 2024!

In summary, mistakes to avoid are:

1. Constantly being consumed by urgent tasks, and neglecting important tasks

Urgent tasks are the ones that involve someone else demanding our attention for THEIR needs, or deadline-based projects. Think replying phone calls, messages or emails. Important tasks aren’t necessary to complete right now but will lead to our long-term success. Think personal development, building relationships, and expanding knowledge and experiences

2. Setting goals in the same way everyone else does

Everyone works differently, and a big mistake we can make is falling into the trap of listening to someone say that there is only ONE way to set goals for 2024. Some people are driven by setting goals. Others are most focused when they set tangible step-by-step actions. Some people are most motivated by big goals. Others get intimidated by big goals. Instead, we need to know what works best for US!

3. Focusing so much on our strategy that we neglect nurturing relationships

I firmly believe that our success isn’t about what we know as much as WHO we know. I see this clearly when I look at my journey. So many opportunities (Including my TEDx speaking opportunity) and new clients have come from my connections!

4. Basing our actions on our emotions rather than our vision

As feeling creatures, we are most driven to act based on how we feel. But our emotions are volatile. Everyone feels fear and fatigue, but if we want to be consistent toward our goals, we need to show up in consideration of that vision, not our ephemeral desires.

Listen to the full episode here!

Till next week,

Trang Nova xo