8 reasons you’re not yet running your dream business

Running our purpose-driven business of impact is no small feat. I see it as a lifelong mission. But that doesn’t mean we can’t strive to reach our next milestones as soon as possible. Because faster growth = faster impact, right?

In today’s new podcast episode, I share 8 reasons that commonly hold us back from building our businesses to replace or exceed our 9-5 jobs:

  1.  You sit on ideas but don’t make definitive decisions
  2. You’re stuck in the rut of keeping up with your life, rather than creating it
  3. You’re afraid to let go of your current job, identity, or life
  4. You have poor belief systems about money that repels money, rather than inviting more in
  5. You don’t have something bigger to live for than yourself
  6. You mostly hang out with your old school friends but have no business friends
  7. You lack systems in your days to maximise your time and energy
  8. You follow 1834 different people on social media, read a new book each month, and follow 15 podcasts. So, you try something new each month instead of deeply studying and modeling off 2-3 key figures of influence relevant to you

Finally… You’re not meant to instantaneously have anything and everything you want, just because you want it.

Maybe you’re doing all the right things, but you just need to keep going to allow time to pass. Birthing an impactful, purpose-led business is no small feat. You’re MEANT to go through the journey of time and nurture and build this QUEENDOM of yours 🙂

To hear the full episode and learn the ways you can turn things around to build your dream business ASAP, listen to the full episode here

~ Trang xo