5 things that are often seen as a waste of time, but are actually progressive for business

Over the 6+ years that I have been in business, I have gone through both extremes: From poor organisation and only getting a couple of hours of work done a day, to working seven days a week & too scared to stop even for two hours to eat.

Now, I’ve got a good grasp on how to maximise time for business as well as my needs as a human being… And I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

So, here are 5 things that are often seen as a waste of time, but are actually progressive AF for business:

1. Socialising

Regular socialising (Especially with people we’ve never met before) helps us improve our communication skills. And in a modern world where people buy into people rather than faceless services/products, this is absolutely key.

2. Journaling & meditation

Journaling and meditation improve our self-awareness.

Our business will only ever grow to a level that reflects our own strength and depth, so working on ourselves IS working on our business

3. Hobbies & travel

Hobbies and travel create inspiration and zest for our business like nothing else. This is because when the mind is exposed to new stimuli, it will work harder and subsequently, become more creative.

4. Reading

Reading diverse books is the biggest cheat sheet for life. We can learn from history, others’ mistakes and accumulate wisdom in months that took others a lifetime.

5. Exercise

This should be no surprise.

In the long term, exercise will give you more years of life to keep growing your business.

In the short term, exercise gives you immediate mood enhancement and mental clarity. It can transform your state and productivity in minutes.

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