You cannot hit 10k months without these 4 things

For a long time, I was stumped about how to reach 5-figure months in my business

It seemed quite simple in multiple ways: 4 x 2.5k sales, 10x1k sales, or 40x $250 sales

But at the same time, it was so elusive. I would struggle to make sales and fall short of my target time and time again

I didn’t realise it at the time, but my problem was that I thought I just needed to work harder. I’d work longer hours and on weekends, but I was simply doing the same thing, hoping for a different result.

So let me share with you what 4 things you need to hit 10k months…


1. Consistent branding so your audience knows what to expect and trusts you


And I’m talking about branding that goes beyond your logo, fonts, and colours. I’m talking about your common thread in your messaging, what you stand for and against, your guiding principles, and more.

2. An offer designed to overcome a niche problem


It doesn’t matter if your brand speaks to a general audience that isn’t super niche, as long as your offer itself is designed and positioned to overcome a niche problem, then it will be perceived as a valuable offer that is a NEED, not just a want!

3. A strategic marketing strategy that will meet different people where they’re at and convert them step by step to be ready to buy from you


It’s cool to post on social media every day, but if you’re only posting short-form content and doing a lot of brand awareness, then your audience will not have the sequential development of trust and understanding to become ready to buy from you

4. Conviction in your worth


Your deep-rooted belief in your worth will prompt you to keep showing up even when it gets tough (Which it WILL be sometimes), to sell your service with confidence, and to show up with 10k month energy!!

If you are someone who want to start and grow your business to 10k months to quit your job and do what you love on your own terms, then all of these processes and more will be available to you to learn and apply in my mastermind Life of Legacy. Have all the tried and tested methods in one place, as well as 1:1 personalised strategy, and an intimate sisterhood to raise the bar of what becomes your new normal!

I’d love to invite you in to this mastermind before we kick-off for the second half of the year.


Chat to you on the inside xxx

Trang Nova