STOP treating your business like it’s a full-time job

You might not believe this, but I’m not naturally business-minded. So when I started my business and transitioned from being a Physiotherapist, I needed to change my thinking.

I had to:

  1. Stop only working as a ‘technician’, and start thinking as an entrepreneur AND manager
  2. Stop charging an hourly rate, and start charging for a result
  3. Stop trading my time for money, and start streamlining my processes

I get that it’s a big mindset shift, but if you don’t change your thinking, you will:

  1. Get burnt out always trying to work more and more to increase your revenue
  2. Realise you don’t have freedom as a business owner, you just have another job
  3. Always be chained to your work, rather than managing your work

So, how do you make the change?

It’s about understanding HOW business works

Part of business is delivering a service, and delivering it well

But business is ALSO about…

  1. Nailing your branding and messaging
  2. Having intentional marketing to create brand awareness, and also to acquire new clients and retain old ones
  3. Creating systems in your operations (Admin, sales and onboarding process, backend organisation, etc) so you can save time and eventually outsource
  4. Innovating your offers so you evolve with yourself and the market
  5. And so much more

The HOW of business is exactly what you will learn in Life of Legacy, so you can start and grow your business to eventually replace the income from your job!

The HOW of business is also just the start of what you get in this intimate immersion. You will also get personalised 1:1 strategy and feedback, sisterhood support and love, content on how to shift your mindset and personal routines so you not only achieve business success, but sustain it while living your best life as a WOMAN.

We kick off next month, and it’s not too late to join!


Chat with you on the inside,

Trang N xxx