Do you feel icky about sales?

Did you know, I used to get unreasonably anxious before my sales calls?

Sometimes, I would have a wonderful time chatting with clients on a sales call until it was time to pitch.

I’d suddenly get awkward and start stuttering.

Or I’d drop the price so it would seem more reasonable and they could afford it.

No wonder I would have such a hard time selling, and growing the revenue in my business.

Only when I worked on my psychology about sales, which is inextricably linked to my psychology about money did I start looking forward to my connection (sales) calls, and see those calls purely as an opportunity to help someone change their life

The intention of the call stopped being about making a sale, and about directing them in the best direction for their desired result

No wonder sales now feel seamless and wholesome more than anything else…

Reminder: Money is simply the exchange of value

Don’t feel guilty about selling, because if you’ve made more money, it’s because you’ve helped someone more 🙂

If you are struggling with your sales, I feel you!

That’s why I have an entire module in the training hub for Life of Legacy about the psychology of sales, the script for high-conversion connection calls, the art of negotiation, and more.

If you want to join Life of Legacy, we kick off next month! Have all the tried and tested training videos for you to build your powerful business at your fingertips, from branding to messaging, offer creation and optimisation, marketing, sales and more. It’s everything I know that I will provide for you via the hub, as well as in the live calls and ongoing chat support.


Chat to you on the inside,

Trang N xxx